Indumij Motoren is the official representative of Renk AG in the Netherlands in the naval and mega yacht sector. Over more than 40 years Indumij Motoren has been the representative of SEMT Pielstick in the Netherlands. During this period they successfully sold and installed over 60 8PA4 gensets to the Royal Netherlands Navy. The Walrus class submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy have been equipped with 12PA4 gensets which Indumij Motoren delivered at their own. Presently we can deliver nearly all spares (refurbished) for PA4 200 engines. Upto complete refurbished 8PA4V200 Gensets. 
Indumij Motoren is ISO 9001 certified.
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SEMT Pielstick 8PA4 V200
    Mijlweg 69         P.O.Box 101      3300 AC Dordrecht         The Netherlands